About Us

LA Wellness Home is a certified, licensed, and accredited treatment facility for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders in Los Angeles. We provide 24/7 individualized detox and rehabilitation programs to ensure our clients’ long-term recovery.

We accept all major insurances

Who we are

Our team is composed of highly experienced addiction specialists with years of experience in substance abuse treatment. We are dedicating those who are struggling with addiction, so they can overcome substance abuse and prevent the life-threatening consequences it often comes with.

At LA Wellness Home, we believe in one thing: recovery is always possible. This is by making inpatient medically-assisted detox and rehabilitation accessible to anyone who comes to us for treatment.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or living out of state, you are welcome in our facility. We also provide transportation assistance if you wish to enroll in our program wherever you are in the United States.

Wherever you are in your recovery journey, LA Wellness Home will be your safe haven. Our residential facility is where your second chance in life awaits.

LA Wellness Home is a Certified, Licensed & Accredited Treatment Facility For Addiction & Mental Health Services in Los Angeles, California

LA Wellness Home is LegitScript- Certified

LegitScript certification demonstrates that LA Wellness Home complies with LegitScript’s certification standards and ensures transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

After showcasing our rigorous performance standards in delivering high-quality, safe care in Los Angeles, we became accredited & certified by the Joint Commission, which is considered the gold standard in healthcare.

​The Department of Health Care Services- Certified

Facility certification demonstrates that LA Wellness Home exceed minimum levels of service quality and are in substantial compliance with State program standards, specifically the Alcohol and/or Other Drug Certification Standards. 

Meet our expert team

Get to know our team of specialists who will your recovery possible

Dr. Julio Meza

Medical Director

Dr. Eric Chaghouri

Psychiatrist Doctor

Alina Sargsian

Clinical Coordinator

Heather Powers

Group Facilitator

Jason Powers

Group Facilitator

Krystal Merlin

Group Facilitator

Richard Hill

Group Facilitator

Gregory Otte

Chief Operation manager

Hayley West


Taylor Chadwick


Dante Morgan


Jessica Haviland


Marceluss Elleby


Jose Vasquez


Liana Karapetyan


Ani Karapetyan


Rose Lunsford

LMFT/ Clinical Director

What we do

Our incredible team of doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, and technicians is passionate about helping our clients take their first step to recovery. Once you’re ready to commit to change, you can enroll in our programs below:

Alcohol Detox

Cocaine Detox

Marijuana Addiction

Drug Detox

Fentanyl Detox

Heroin Detox

Meth Addiction Treatment

Opiates Detox

Medical Detox

Our mission

Our mission is to give people with addiction the chance to reclaim their lives. We recognize how addiction can impact families, careers, and every aspect of a person’s life. Our goal is to give every client the best quality of care, so they can turn their backs on addiction and restart with a strong resolve for sobriety.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading addiction treatment facility in the United States. We also aim to change lives by beating addiction, one client at a time. We also aspire that our commitment to recovery will help defeat stereotypes and misconceptions about addiction. Through this, we can encourage more and more individuals with addiction to seek the help they need.

Our admissions process

At LA Wellness Home, we have a 24/7 admissions hotline because our clients’ recovery doesn’t have to wait. We also simplified our intake process through these four steps:


Once you’re ready, you can call us for an initial consultation. We will also give you a free insurance verification check to see how much of your treatment will be covered.


We conduct a comprehensive diagnosis to identify your co-occurring mental health condition. This way, we can also create a personalized plan that suits your needs.

Custom admissions

We will get more familiar with your substance use history and living conditions to ensure that you’ll get the best treatment. We will also determine the modalities you’ll need for recovery.

Admission preparation

We discuss the financial aspect of your admission to ensure that you’ll have a smooth-sailing treatment. After this, you’re all set to begin your rehabilitation in our detox facility in Los Angeles.

Read our alumni's inspiring recovery stories

Eddie Bobo
Thanks God for LA wellness rehab and detox. I did drugs and been drinking for most of my life. Now I see another way. The staff are very much helpful and loving. Thanks to all who helped me out with all my problems. It worked amazing place.
Valerie Belding
This is by far the best facility I ever been to. All the staff are amazing and have taught me more about myself and how to better my future during my stay here. I would recommend this facility to anyone who truly wants the help and to live a better life, this is the place that can do that for you!
Avery Listmann
All the staff from Greg Joanna Rachel Taylor to the program director Zach genuinely care about your recovery from addiction. Rehab is hard work ; getting sober in a new environment and every single staff member made it a pleasure to be their getting sober. Thank you to the chef José for all the delicious meals!
Andre Rico
The staff cared genuinely about me as a client. They build a treatment plan individualized for each client .They didn’t treat me like a criminal but as a patient and they remained highly attentive to my needs. The facility is 1st class. Immaculately Clean and the food prepared fresh each meal is top notch (I gained 20lbs 😊). RICHARD IS THE GROUP FACILITATOR AND NOBODY DOES IT BETTER💪💯 HE CHANGED MY LIFE. The entire staff is great.
Michelle Robinson
This is by far the best detox I’ve been to. The staff was super helpful and made the whole process of going to rehab and my recovery so much easier. They made sure to educate me about relapse prevention with drugs and alcohol. Overall a great experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone struggling with addiction!
Daniel Gellman
La wellness has truly saved my life. I walked through the doors hopeless and suffering from this insidious disease. I’m so thankful that I got another another chance at life, I love each and every one of the staff and clients that have crossed my path. If I have a piece of advice that I can give, it would be to keep pushing forward no matter the struggle because at the end of your stay you will see the light! I love you guys thank you for EVERYTHING❤️

Ready to transition from inpatient to outpatient care?

At LA Wellness Home, we understand that recovery is a long process. Once you finish our inpatient program, you can transition to our outpatient care at Emulate Treatment Center to continue your recovery. Here, you’ll receive holistic mental health support to help you sustain life-long sobriety.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a 30-day detox program structured to help cleanse your body of the substance and provide mental health support. In some cases, this duration can be longer, depending on the specific needs of our clients.
On our homepage, we provide a complete list of personal belongings you can bring to our facility. This includes clothing, toiletries, money, hobby items, and more. If you have questions about what items you can bring, feel free to call us anytime.
Since our program is inpatient, we try to limit visitation to immediate family and people who play a key role in your recovery. This way, you can focus on healing and prevent any possible distractions.
We work with most major insurance providers, including Anthem, Cigna, UMR, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Premera, Highmark, and more. If you want to know your coverage, you can request a free insurance check from us. You can also call us for immediate assistance.
After you graduate from our 30-day detox program, you have the option to extend your stay as needed. Aside from that, you can also transition to our outpatient care facility at Emulate Treatment Center. Here, we will provide you with holistic mental health support to address your co-occurring conditions and to help maintain your sobriety.
We do allow our clients to bring their prescriptions as long as it’s issued by a licensed doctor. Also, make sure you inform our team about the medications you’re taking, so we can assess their potential contraindications with the medications included in your treatment.