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At LA Wellness Home, your recovery is our mission. You can call us 24/7 for inquiries about our detox programs or once you’re ready to start the admissions process. If you’re living out of state, reach out to us and we will provide transportation assistance wherever you are in the United States.

Our Admissions Process

At LA Wellness Home, we always want you to get help in the most comfortable and secure way. Our intake planning and admissions processes ensure that you get the right treatment for addictions. Here’s how we’ll get you started:

Initial consultation

Our addiction treatment in Los Angeles begins with a free consultation along with a comprehensive mental health assessment. At this stage, we identify co-existing mental health conditions that you might be dealing with aside from addiction.


Professional diagnostic

Next, we conduct a detailed diagnosis of your addiction to create a personalized treatment plan. This way, you’ll get the most effective approach possible during your rehabilitation.


Custom admissions process

During our individualized intake process, we get more familiar with your current situation, history of substance use, and specific needs. This helps us customize your treatment further.


Admission preparation

Before we begin your Los Angeles addiction treatment, we also walk you through the financial aspect of your admission. This includes insurance coordination to help you get as much of your treatment covered as possible.

LA Wellness Home is a Certified, Licensed & Accredited Treatment Facility For Addiction & Mental Health Services in Los Angeles, California

LA Wellness Home is LegitScript- Certified

LegitScript certification demonstrates that LA Wellness Home complies with LegitScript’s certification standards and ensures transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

After showcasing our rigorous performance standards in delivering high-quality, safe care in Los Angeles, we became accredited & certified by the Joint Commission, which is considered the gold standard in healthcare.

​The Department of Health Care Services- Certified

Facility certification demonstrates that LA Wellness Home exceed minimum levels of service quality and are in substantial compliance with State program standards, specifically the Alcohol and/or Other Drug Certification Standards. 

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Dr. Julio Meza Medical Director
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Alina Sargsian Clinical Coordinator
Joanna Webber Counselor
Rachel Mullaley Counselor
Heather Powers Group Facilitator
Jason Powers Group Facilitator
Krystal Merlin Group Facilitator
Richard Hill Group Facilitator
Gregory Otte Chief Operation manager
Gary Dean RadT
Hayley West RadT
Taylor Chadwick RadT
Dante Morgan RadT
Jessica Haviland RadT
Marceluss Elleby RadT
Jose Vasquez Chef
Liana Karapetyan LVN
Ani Karapetyan LVN
Rose Lunsford LMFT || Clinical Director

Ready to transition from inpatient to outpatient care?

At LA Wellness Home, we understand that recovery is a long process. Once you finish our inpatient program, you can transition to our outpatient care at Emulate Treatment Center to continue your recovery. Here, you’ll receive holistic mental health support to help you sustain life-long sobriety.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with most major insurance providers, including UMR, Anthem, Cigna, Premera, Aetna, United Healthcare, and a lot more. If you want to know if your insurance covers addiction treatment, we can provide you with a free insurance verification.

Click here to request a confidential insurance verification from us. Simply fill out the form and provide images of your insurance card to start the verification process.

The cost of our detox and rehab programs vary, depending on your specific needs and the inclusions of your individualized program. If you want to know more about our fees, call us, and our representative will assist you.

With inpatient rehab, like what we offer here at LA Wellness Home, you’ll receive treatment while you stay in our residential facility. This way, you’ll have 24/7 supervision and you’ll receive medical attention immediately if the need arises.

Meanwhile, outpatient programs don’t require a full-time stay in a facility. However, it’s not suitable for severe to chronic cases of addiction and is only typically considered after completing an inpatient detox program. 

We offer a 30-day detox program for our clients who wish to cleanse their bodies of addictive substances. But in some cases, we may recommend a shorter or longer stay, depending on the person’s condition.

At LA Wellness Home, we conduct a dual diagnosis where we identify and treat co-occurring mental health conditions.

After you finish our detox program, we will also give you the option to transition to our outpatient facility. There, you’ll receive further mental health treatment from licensed professionals. 

We implement a 4-step intake process that begins with an initial consultation followed by a professional diagnostic. After that, you will undergo a custom admissions process where we get more familiar with your substance use, health condition, and specific needs.

Lastly, we will discuss the financial aspect of your treatment before you enter our facility.

If you want to know more about our admissions process, feel free to contact us anytime.