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LA Wellness Home: A Comprehensive Drug Rehab Center

LA Wellness Home is a comprehensive drug rehab center in Los Angeles that offers unparalleled care to those battling drug addiction. We provide integrated treatment for addiction that encompasses recovery care and stabilizing our clients’ emotional well-being to facilitate long-term recovery.

What is Drug Addiction?

More than 20 million Americans will use an illegal drug in any given month if you count marijuana in this group. Some are addicted, and some aren’t, but the point is you’re playing with fire anytime you take a mind- or mood-altering substance, legal or illegal. Drug addiction usually implicates heroin/opioid, cocaine, and meth users, but there are several other substances on both the black and pharmaceutical markets that lead people to addiction.

While the decision to take drugs for the first time is usually a voluntary one, many people don’t understand how some people end up as addicts and others don’t. It’s not a matter of choosing to quit but a much more complex problem that is rooted in each person’s individual brain chemistry.

Drugs affect the sections in your brain that are known as the “pleasure centers” that, when activated, control feelings of pleasure and reward. Your brain naturally releases chemical messengers (known as dopamine) to stimulate these pleasure centers, and most drugs mimic the rush of euphoria that dopamine delivers.

The problem is that the drugs overstimulate the reward feelings, and the intense gratification is something that can only be replicated with continued drug use. This leads to two problems:

  1. The body and brain develop a tolerance to the dosage, meaning that the addict has to constantly increase the amount they take to achieve a high.
  2. Because the drug is providing the brain with a constant flow of chemicals, it stops producing its natural feel-good chemicals, resulting in a crash when the effects of the drug have worn off.

Heavy or long-term drug use can cause a variety of changes in your brain, not only impairing your ability to quit but eventually leaving you with irreversible damage to your memory and nervous system.

Drug Addiction: Who Has It?

Drug addiction truly can impact anyone from any background – financial status, race, age, geographic area, educational level…you name it. Although, certain circumstances put individuals more at risk of drug addiction than others.

Several factors contribute to whether a person becomes addicted to drugs, and usually, it is difficult to pinpoint just one. However, a combination of some of the following risk factors may influence who becomes addicted:

About half of your risk for addiction can be found in your genes, including your ethnicity, gender, family history and presence of mental disorders.

Influences from family and friends, economic status, trauma, lifestyle, stress and parental involvement can all have a powerful effect on whether you use or become addicted to drugs.

While both nature and nurture strongly influence your choices, they can also negatively affect physical development. There is no age limit for drug abuse, but if you start taking drugs at a younger age, there is a higher likelihood that it will turn into an addiction.

This is because the sections of the brain responsible for self-control, judgment, and decision-making are not fully developed in teens, making them more prone to trying drugs and engaging in other risky behaviors.

The Benefits of Coming to Los Angeles for Drug Rehab

Going through drug rehab in Los Angeles can be incredibly beneficial, whether you are a California resident or live hours away. The state of California is known for its natural beauty, and LA Wellness Home is situated in a serene space where you can enjoy the uniquely calming air that the state has to it. In addition, if you live outside of LA, traveling to a Los Angeles drug rehab center like LA Wellness home puts you in an environment far from the triggers of your struggle with substance abuse.

How our Los Angeles Drug Rehab Can Help

LA Wellness Home is the best inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles has to offer, and we want to help you on your recovery journey. We offer a variety of evidence-based treatment options, including medication assisted detox, clinical care, and relapse prevention. In addition, we treat addiction in a calming, supportive, and structured environment free from distractions and potential triggers.

Insurance Coverage

We accept a wide array of insurance options, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, and many more.

We Accept All The Major Insurances

Admission Process

Our admissions process is collaborative and gets your doctor, your family, and everyone else involved in your decision to pursue recovery involved. We help you determine how to best approach treatment by beginning with an initial consultation and assessment, followed by a detailed diagnostic. After these steps, we create a custom treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs.


Drug rehab typically costs several thousand dollars. However, at LA Wellness Home, we accept coverage from all major insurance companies, which can either partially or fully cover your treatment. 

During the admissions process, we ensure that your insurance is covering as much of your treatment as possible and can help you make a plan for any out-of-pocket payment if necessary.

Drug rehab usually lasts between two weeks and one month in the inpatient setting. During this time, you live on-site at a facility like LA Wellness Home. The initial stages of your inpatient treatment typically include medication-assisted detox, which helps your body cope with the symptoms of withdrawals from addictive substances. 

After detox, you continue treatment with therapy, relapse prevention strategies, and more. The entire treatment process is carefully planned to meet your specific needs. We create a custom treatment plan for each of our clients, so you can always count on receiving personalized care at the highest possible standards.

If you have a loved one who is currently struggling with drug addiction, one of the best steps you can take to care for them is encouraging them to consider inpatient treatment. Recovery is a choice, but it often starts with the guidance of friends, family members, and medical professionals who recognize the problem and present a potential solution. 

Convincing a person who is dealing with drug addiction that they need to get help is not always easy, but any steps you take to encourage a loved one to pursue treatment for addiction are worthwhile.

After staying at LA Wellness Center, one of our alumni has a variety of support options to help them maintain their sobriety and continue recovery. We offer an employee assistance program for working professionals dealing with addiction to help them re-enter their careers, as well as resources for families that can be helpful during and after treatment. In addition, continuing therapy and even considering a sober companion can be immensely beneficial.

Medicare can partially or fully cover drug rehab in some cases. However, it’s important to consult the facility you are receiving treatment from and confirm that your Medicare policy covers your rehab before you start an inpatient stay. During our admissions process, we always make sure to verify a client’s benefits and ensure that they are receiving as much insurance coverage as possible.

Medicaid can cover drug rehab in some cases, either partially or fully. Factors that influence the amount of coverage you receive can depend on your specific Medicaid policy and the facility you are seeking treatment from. During our admissions process, we take all the necessary steps to confirm that your insurance covers your treatment or to discuss alternative options for payment with you.



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