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Alcohol or drug addiction is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide, including Indigenous peoples. In the United States alone, Native Americans have one of the most escalated rates of substance abuse and addiction, with many facing the devastating consequences of addiction, such as poverty, health problems, and broken relationships.

Fortunately, detoxification or detox is the first step towards recovery for many Indigenous people who are struggling with addiction. Detox is the gentle process of ridding the body of harmful substances and it can be a challenging process that requires support, patience, and professional guidance.

At LA Wellness Home, we provide Indigenous peoples with a safe and compassionate environment to detox for Indigenous people from drugs or alcohol. Our team of experts understands the complex situations that Indigenous people encounter when it comes to addiction and detoxification, and we are committed to providing culturally sensitive care that promotes healing and recovery.

Bearing this in mind, let’s explore the importance of addiction treatment for Indigenous people, the benefits of seeking detox at LA Wellness Home, and the resources available to support Indigenous peoples on their journey toward recovery.

The Importance of Detox for Indigenous Peoples

Detox is a critical initial step towards recovery for Indigenous peoples who are struggling with addiction. The process of detoxification can be difficult and uncomfortable, but it is necessary to remove toxins from the body for a fresh start. For many Indigenous people, addiction is often rooted in trauma, loss, and intergenerational trauma. Historical and ongoing systemic oppression has contributed to the alarmingly high presence of addiction and substance abuse among Indigenous peoples. These underlying issues must be addressed in order to heal and recover from addiction. Detox for Indigenous people is a crucial step toward addressing these underlying issues. By gently eliminating harmful substances from the body, you start to face the root causes of addiction and effectively set out on the journey of healing and recovery.

The Benefits of Seeking Detox at LA Wellness Home

The addiction treatment centres for Indigenous people at LA Wellness Home provide you with a safe and supportive environment to detox from drugs or alcohol. Our team of caring professionals understands the challenges unique to Indigenous people when it comes to addiction and detoxification, and we are committed to providing culturally sensitive care that promotes healing and recovery.

Our treatment programs are bespoke and individually designed to meet the exclusive needs of Indigenous peoples, and we offer a myriad of provisions and services that are individualized to meet the demands of each of our clients. These services include medical detoxification, individual and group counseling, traditional healing practices, meal plan for addiction recovery, and aftercare support.

Medical Detoxification

Medical detox is a necessary phase in the detoxification process. Our medical team provides 24-hour monitoring and support to ensure that our client’s detox safely and comfortably. Our team also provides medications to manage withdrawal symptoms and ensure that our clients remain comfortable throughout the detox process.

Individual and Group Counseling

Individual and group counseling are essential components of our program. Our dedicated troupe of professional counselors is trained to provide culturally sensitive care that addresses the unique needs of Indigenous peoples. Our counseling services help our clients address the core causes of their addiction and develop coping strategies that promote healing and recovery.

Traditional Healing Practices

At LA Wellness Home, we recognize the importance of traditional healing practices in the recovery process. We provide access to traditional healing practices such as smudging, sweat lodges, and healing circles. These practices help our clients connect with their cultural identity and spirituality and promote healing and recovery.

Aftercare Support

One of the most critical aspects of rehab for Indigenous people is aftercare. This is support after treatment that is vital to maintaining sobriety and preventing relapse. Our team provides aftercare support to our clients after they complete the detox program. We provide referrals to community resources, ongoing counseling, and support groups to ensure that our clients have the support and resources required to maintain their sobriety.

Resources Available to Support Indigenous Peoples on Their Journey Towards Recovery

When it comes to detox for Indigenous people, rehab should be customized to your unique needs. There are an impressive of resources available to support your recovery, and at our best drug rehab in Los Angeles, these resources include:

Tribal Health

Many tribes have their own health clinics or departments that offer a range of health services, including substance abuse treatment. These clinics are often staffed by professionals who understand the unique challenges that Indigenous peoples face when it comes to addiction and recovery.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

NIDA is a government organization that conducts research on drug abuse and addiction. The organization provides information on substance abuse treatment and prevention, as well as resources for finding treatment programs.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

SAMHSA is a government organization that extends support and resources to individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. The organization offers a national helpline, which provides free, confidential support and referrals to treatment programs.

Native American Alcoholics Anonymous (NAAA)

NAAA is a support group that is specifically designed for Indigenous people struggling with alcohol addiction. This organization supplies a safe and supportive environment for individuals to share their experiences, receive support, and connect with other Indigenous people in recovery.

Native American Connections (NAC)

NAC is a non-profit organization that provides substance abuse treatment and recovery services to Indigenous peoples in Arizona. The NAC offers a range of services, including detoxification, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment.

Road to Healing and Recovery

As we’ve discussed, cleansing and detoxing the body is an essential first step toward recovery for Indigenous peoples who are struggling with addiction. At LA Wellness Home, we provide a safe and supportive environment for Indigenous peoples to detox from drugs or alcohol. Our experienced, caring staff of professionals understands the unique challenges that Indigenous peoples face when it comes to addiction and detoxification, and we are committed to providing culturally sensitive care that promotes healing and recovery.

We encourage Indigenous peoples who are struggling with addiction to seek help and support. Recovery is possible, and there are resources available to support Indigenous peoples on their journey toward healing and recovery. By seeking detox at LA Wellness Home and accessing other resources, Indigenous peoples can begin the healing process and work towards a brighter future.

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At LA Wellness Home, we understand that recovery is a long process. Once you finish our inpatient program, you can transition to our outpatient care at Emulate Treatment Center to continue your recovery. Here, you’ll receive holistic mental health support to help you sustain life-long sobriety.


Detox treatment aids in managing and mitigating the physical symptoms of withdrawal that occur when someone stops using drugs or alcohol. It can cleanse the system of toxins and other health-harming substances, reduce cravings, and restore physical health, preparing individuals for the next steps in the recovery process, such as therapy and aftercare.
Indigenous people often benefit from detox treatments that are grounded in their cultural practices and traditions. These treatments may incorporate elements like traditional healing practices, community support, storytelling, and connections to the land, which can provide a sense of belonging and help in the recovery process. Culturally sensitive detox treatments consider the historical trauma and socio-economic challenges faced by Indigenous people, making the treatment more effective.
Detox treatment for Indigenous people often incorporates a holistic approach that considers not just physical but other aspects of healing, such as emotional, spiritual, and mental facets of overall well-being. Addressing historical trauma, cultural dislocation, and socio-economic marginalization are key aspects of these programs. They aim to rebuild self-esteem, restore cultural identity, and foster resilience, all of which are crucial in overcoming substance misuse.
Yes, there are specialized detox treatments that are designed keeping in mind the unique needs and circumstances of Indigenous people. These programs integrate traditional Indigenous healing practices, use Indigenous languages, and are often led by Indigenous counselors and health care professionals. They aim to create a culturally safe environment that respects and honors Indigenous cultures, traditions, and values.
The duration of detox treatment can vary depending on the substance used, the severity of dependence, and the individual’s overall health. On average, detox may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
Detox treatment is a key step toward sobriety and recovery. For Indigenous people, culturally appropriate detox treatments can lead to improved physical health, better mental well-being, a strengthened sense of cultural identity, and stronger community connections. However, it’s important to note that detox is just the first step and must be followed by further treatment and support to sustain long-term recovery.