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Meth or methamphetamine is a highly addictive substance. But with the right medical detox program, you can successfully turn your back on this drug and live a life of sobriety. Still, it’s important for you to understand that the duration of this program varies. Knowing how long to detox meth depends on a few factors we discussed in this post.

Read on to learn about the typical timeline of our meth detox, what you can expect, and how our team at LA Wellness Home can help.

Remember that addiction recovery is not linear and your journey will be different from other people with the same problem. 

What is meth detoxification?

Meth detox is the first step of our meth addiction treatment. During this inpatient program, we help you eliminate methamphetamine from your system, so you can seek further rehab later.

Methamphetamine is also known for its street names such as ‘meth’, ‘ice’, ‘shabu’, and ‘bikers coffee’, among others. It’s a Schedule II drug under the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s classification.

So why is detox important for meth addiction? To begin with, meth is a highly addictive stimulant. If you don’t undergo detox, it would be impossible to quit and realize full recovery.

Also, prolonged meth use can alter how your brain works. As the effects of meth flood your brain, it will eventually stop producing natural hormones (dopamine) that make you feel good. This can easily lead to addiction as you crave for more to achieve the same ‘high’, also called ‘anhedonia’.

The only way to break this endless cycle is to commit to a detox program. Through our guidance, we can you quit meth, develop positive coping strategies, and maintain your sobriety.

During your stay, we will provide you with medication-assisted detoxification. You’ll also get 24/7 monitoring and a clinical team who will help you manage withdrawal symptoms. 

Factors Affecting Your Meth Detox Duration

The duration of our professional meth detox programs widely varies, depending on your needs. During our admissions process, our specialist will discuss with you the ideal duration and what you can expect from our program.

In general, the following factors will impact how long you’ll stay in our residential facility: 

  • Intensity of meth use. First, we will assess how frequently you use meth. Usually, the longer your meth use, the more intensive your detox should be. Overall, we want you to get the best care and that’s not only possible with the duration that suits your needs.
  • Metabolism. We know that every person has varying metabolic rates, which affects how fast they will flush out methamphetamine from their systems. For example, if you have a faster metabolism than most, your detox duration might be shorter.
  • Overall health. Next, we will also factor in your general health and well-being when deciding about the best duration for your detox program. If you have physical conditions like liver or kidney problems, you may have a longer detoxification process. Don’t worry because we will work closely with your doctor and other professionals involved in your recovery.
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders. At LA Wellness Home, we conduct a dual diagnosis to identify mental health conditions that you’re dealing with besides addiction. For us, this is the only best way to ensure that you’re going to have a lasting recovery from meth abuse.
  • Previous detox attempts. Aside from that, we also check if you had previous attempts to detox from meth but relapsed. If this is your case, it might take longer to flush out the drug from your system.

Typical Timeline of Detox from Meth

Overall, the duration of detox varies from one person to another. We can only prescribe a specific timeline once you’ve undergone our intake process.

But to give you a preview of how long to detox from meth, here’s our usual timeline in LA Wellness Home: 

  • Days 1-3: This initial stage of your detox is the most challenging. It’s the time when withdrawal symptoms will start to set in, including fatigue, intense cravings, anxiety, and depression. Physically, you may experience tremors, sweating, and headaches. Don’t worry since we have a 24/7 clinical staff to help you manage these symptoms.
  • Days 4-7: By this time, the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms will start to subside. However, this is also the period where you’ll experience more psychological symptoms like mood swings, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating.
  • Days 8-14: At this time, your physical symptoms will be very mild and you’ll start feeling more stable emotionally. Still, symptoms like anxiety and depression may still linger, which is where our therapy sessions and counseling come in.
  • Day 15 onwards: This is usually the halfway point of your detox program. While you may have recovered from the acute symptoms, you still need to continue your stay in our facility to tackle the psychological impact of meth use. During this time, we provide you with ongoing support through therapy and psychoeducation.

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms You Should Expect

Detoxing from methamphetamine is not an easy process. You’ll experience withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings, which will put your commitment to the test. The good thing is that our clinical team is fully prepared for what you might encounter during your stay in your facility.

Overall, you should expect the following side effects of meth detox: 

  • Intense cravings. During the first stages of your detox, you’ll experience intense cravings for meth as your brain adjusts to its absence. It can be very distressing that’s why our team monitors you 24/7 to ensure that you’ll get through this symptom.
  • Fatigue and sleep disturbances. Withdrawing from meth will also cause you to experience extreme fatigue and disrupted sleep. You may deal with insomnia or excessive sleepiness as your body adjusts to working without the drug.
  • Depression and anxiety. As meth affects your brain during use, it can also trigger various psychological problems when you’re trying to quit. This includes a range of emotional changes like feelings of depression and anxiety. We provide you with professional support to help you endure this symptom.
  • Psychosis. In some cases, some of our clients experience psychosis during their meth detox. This includes hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions.
  • Physical symptoms. You will also experience physical symptoms like headaches, tremors, sweating, muscle aches, and increased appetite during your meth detox. Depending on your intensity of meth use in the past, these symptoms may vary.

Why is meth so hard to ‘quit’?

As much as it’s easy to get addicted to meth, quitting the substance is a big challenge. Most people who try meth for the first time often get hooked on the substance right away. Before they know it, they are trapped in the vicious cycle of cravings.

At first taste, you’ll have an intense feeling of euphoria and hyperactivity. This can persist for 12 hours, which is why many people who use meth continuously can go for days without sleeping.

Also, during meth use, your brain’s ‘reward pathways’ change rapidly. In fact, research showed that meth use crushes these pathways as it triggers a massive influx of dopamine production. In contrast, meth can trigger the brain to produce up to 1,250 times more dopamine than the amount it produces during sex.

This feel-good effect is the strongest on the first use of methamphetamine. It’s the reason why many have the endless pursuit for the same sensation felt during first use. Many users call this “chasing the dragon”, which can lead to life-long meth addiction without any intervention.

Ultimately, many meth users die for this same reason. So before it’s too late, you should consider seeking treatment right away. 

Importance of Professional Meth Addiction Treatment

Detoxing from meth is a process you should never take alone. Aside from getting emotional support, professional treatments will also save you from potentially life-threatening repercussions.

Here’s why we always recommend seeking professional help if you want to detox from methamphetamine: 

  • Safety. Your detox process from meth will be physically and mentally challenging. It’s best to have round-the-clock supervision, so you’ll receive immediate medical intervention when needed.
  • Medical management. Professional treatment centers like LA Wellness Home have accredited staff who will provide you with the right medical management. We will help you alleviate withdrawal symptoms through appropriate medications and therapies that suit your needs.
  • Emotional support. Committing to meth addiction recovery is more than just its physical impact. It also involves emotional and psychological effects where you need a strong support system. In our facility, you’ll have compassionate group facilitators and counselors who will guide you toward healing.
  • Relapse prevention. Aside from helping you get rid of meth in your system, we also provide an effective relapse prevention plan. We want you to have a lasting recovery even after you re-integrate back into your normal life. Our team will give you continuous aftercare, so you’ll live a life free from meth addiction.
  • Holistic approach. When you sign up for a professional treatment facility, you’ll get the best ways to detox from meth. We will help you treat not only addiction but also its co-occurring mental health conditions. 

Begin Your Meth Detox Journey with LA Wellness Home

If you or a loved one is struggling with meth addiction, LA Wellness Home is here to help. Our team can help you achieve recovery through medication-assisted detox and dual diagnosis. We will also provide you with continuous aftercare to ensure that you’ll live a life free from the grips of meth addiction.

Our lines are open 24/7 whenever you need help. Once you’re ready to commit, call us, and our specialist will be there for you. 

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